Post-event access for 1 month

Receive access to all content on demand! After registering, you can access the conference platform, network, visit the exhibition and watch all the presentations with recorded Q&As. All of this will be available to you until 18th of November, 2021.

Type Before 31 August 2021 From 1 September 2021
€ 120
€ 150
€ 80
€ 120
  • For Czech delegates 21% VAT will be added to the invoice.
  • Registered participants will automatically receive EPUAP membership for 1 year.
  • Students are requested to upload proof of their student status via registration web site.


Full conference registration:  access to all sessions during the event, access to the full scientific content for 1 months after the event, 1-year EPUAP free membership.

Student registration: The student fee applies for all students enrolled in a recognized academic institution. The students must be able to provide Student ID or similar documentation.

The student registration is available also for graduate students, PhD-students and post-docs upon upload of documentation providing that you are a student. 


Payments by bank transfers and/or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) are accepted for the registration.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to state the invoice number on all money transfers to the EPUAP Business office.

Registered participants who are unable to attend the conference will have their fees refunded as follows:

Written cancellation must be forwarded to the EPUAP Business office ( /
All refunds will be processed after the conference.

Cancellations received until 31 August 2021 will be refunded deducting administration costs of €40.
From 1 September 2021, registration fees are non-refundable.
If for reasons beyond the control of the organisers, the conference is cancelled, the registration fee will be refunded after deduction of expenses incurred by the conference.

We recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome as the registration system works better in these browsers.

In order to register, you will need an account. If you have attended any previous EPUAP events, please log in with your Username (email) and Password. If you do not have an account, you will be asked to create one once you enter your email address. In case you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one by clicking Forgot your password.