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EPUAP Excellence in Education Awards

Call for papers

Excellence in Education abstract submission template

DEADLINE: 3 May 2021

Focus: This award aims to recognize and acknowledge excellent education strategies and projects relating to all domains of pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.

Also local initiatives are more then welcome to submit an abstract for this award.

Prize: The award winners will be presenting their projects at the Joint Annual Meeting of the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel in Prague, Czech Republic.

A separate session will be dedicated to the Excellence in Education Awards.

The winners will receive the free registration for the EPUAP 2021 conference.


EPUAP launches a specific call for abstracts for this award. 

The call includes a different abstract template than for traditional research projects. Please download the abstract template HERE (the maximum number of words is 450). All abstracts should be submitted in English via email to the EPUAP Business Office, office@epuap.org . The abstracts will be reviewed by the EPUAP Scientific Committee (2 best papers will be selected) and all submitters will be notified by 15 June 2020. All award winners must register for the conference.

Excellence in Education abstract submission template