Abstract categories

Abstract categories
  • Pressure ulcers: Patient safety, quality of care and policy
  • Pressure ulcers and health economics
  • Pressure ulcers: Implementation of science and education
  • Patient involvement in pressure ulcer practice, research, guideline development
  • Impact of pressure ulcers on patients, carers and society
  • Innovative approaches in clinical research (prevention and treatment) 
  • Pressure ulcer prevention and management in specific patient groups (paediatrics, surgery, spinal cord injury, ER, older persons, palliative care, etc.) 
  • Basic science: Biomechanics, mechanobiology and aetiology 
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration 
  • Pressure ulcer prevention and management within the homecare setting
  • Technologies to promote wound healing 
  • The multidisciplinary approach to pressure ulcer prevention
  • Seating
  • Student free paper session: Basic science
  • Student free paper session: Clinical science